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The Nectar

Composed by John Schlenck

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O bee of my mind,
In seeking great peace,
Sip not the flowers,
The objects of sense;
Only drink the immortal nectar
That flows from her heart.

Our salutations to you,
Great Mother of the Universe;
You rid us of all our ignorance,
You remove our delusion.

O my mind-bee,
Sip not fading sense flowers;
If you seek great peace,
Only drink her nectar,
Forever cure delusion.
Only drink the immortal nectar
Of her loving heart.

Text: from Sri Sarada Stotram by Swami Abhedananda, freely rendered in English


Composed by John Schlenck
© 1999 Vedanta West Communications Inc.

Performed by the Vedantic Arts Ensemble,
conducted by Timothy Mount
Flute: Linda Chesis
Harp: Susan Jolles


Vedanta West Communications
Hymn to Holy Mother, John Schlenck