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Supreme Mother

Composed by John Schlenck

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Holy Mother, Divine Mother,
You remove our fear and grant us grace.
Holy Mother, Divine Mother,
You take away our fear and grant us grace.
You have taken human form to dispel human misery.
You make blessed those who serve you and take refuge in you.
Our salutation, O Supreme Mother of the universe.

Text: from Sri Sarada Stotram by Swami Abhedananda,
freely rendered in English


Sarada Devi
Guan Yin
Goddess Neith
Theotokos, Mt. Athos
Mother Goddess
Virgin of Guadalupe
Sarada Devi


Composed by John Schlenck
© 1999 Vedanta West Communications Inc.

Performed by the Vedantic Arts Ensemble, conducted by Timothy Mount
Flute: Linda Chesis
Harp: Susan Jolles
Organ / Finger cymbals: Chris Creaghan
Tambura: John Schlenck


Vedanta West Communications
Hymn to Holy Mother, John Schlenck