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In the Luminous Golden Sheath

Composed by John Schlenck

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In the luminous golden sheath
In the deepest human core
Dwells Brahman,
Stainless, indivisible, pure.
Who is the light of all that shines;
Who is that which the knowers of Self realize.

There the sun does not shine, nor the moon, nor the stars.
But That shining, they shine after It,
And by Its light all this is lighted.

Brahman verily is the immortal.
In front is Brahman,
Behind is Brahman,
It spreads forth below and above
Brahman alone is this universe.
The Self—the highest God.

—Mundaka Upanishad II. 2. 9-11


Composed by John Schlenck
© 1996 Vedanta West Communications Inc.

Performed by the Vedantic Arts Ensemble, directed by John Schlenck

Images beginning and end – Bodhisattva Essence, by artist Vijali Hamilton


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