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Creative Spirituality

For the religious artist, art is a path to the divine, a path that can embrace devotion, ritual worship, concentration, service to God and service to humanity. For the layman, the contemplation of religious art can intensify religious feeling and deepen meditation. A truly great work of religious art can encompass an entire religious perspective. In the caves of Elephanta…

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Sri Sarada Devi

Holy Mother’s Last Message: A Universal Spirituality for Today

As Sri Sarada Devi lay on her deathbed, a woman disciple who had known Sri Ramakrishna came to her, weeping, and lamented, “What will happen to us, Mother?” Holy Mother replied, “Why should you be afraid? You have seen the Master. What should frighten you?” Then she continued, very slowly, “Let me tell you one thing, my child. If you want…

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